Truck Driving Industry Is Changing

Over the past few years, a problem has been building: there’s a lack of truck drivers. Now America is facing a massive shortage of truck drivers. With consumers shopping online more than ever, drivers are needed for deliveries.

The trucking industry needs new drivers, and they’re willing to pay you to become one. Thanks to the shortage, many companies are increasing new driver incentives and salaries. If you want a career that offers immediate fantastic pay, this may be the career for you. Start your career in truck driving by searching online for openings right now.

Pay Rates for Truck Drivers Are Rapidly Increasing

The trucking industry is desperately in need of new truck drivers — in 2018, The Washington Post1 reported that over 50,000 new truck drivers were needed to fill openings and make deliveries. And as online retailers like Amazon deliver increasingly more goods to customers, that number will only increase.

While this shortage is bad news for trucking companies, it’s great news for Americans who are looking for a job. Not only are there plenty of companies hiring truck drivers, but they’re willing to give you a fantastic salary. This shortage is leading trucking companies to offer better pay and higher salaries in order to attract new drivers.

Truck drivers in the Midwest, for example, are now earning $80,000 – and that’s the starting salary. And some companies are paying even higher salaries. Find a truck driving job where you share your driving gigs with a partner, and you could net as much as $100,000 to $150,000 per year according to Roadmaster Drivers School2.

And your pay won’t stop there. It’ll only increase, becoming better and better once you’re a skilled driver.  For some companies, it may be possible to demand between $85,000 and $120,000, depending on the miles you drive and the state you work in. If you become a trainer who teaches new drivers the rules of the road, you can net up to $80,000 per year3. And if you become a specialized driver or work for certain companies, your pay could be even better.

Trucking companies need drivers badly right now. Today’s pay rates are incredibly high thanks to the shortage, and the need for drivers is only expected to increase, especially during the year’s busiest seasons. And the American Trucking Association4 expects demand to explode, leaving 176,000 openings for new truck drivers by 2026.

The Shortages Means Better Incentives and Benefits Too

A lucrative salary is only one way trucking companies are wooing new drivers to join their ranks. Thanks to the growing shortage, these companies are also offering enticing incentives for new drivers.

In recent years, truck driving as a job has improved dramatically. Trucking companies know they need to keep turnover low as the number of deliveries increases. With better benefits including paid holidays, increased PTO, health insurance, and local routes, along with salaries designed to keep drivers happy, the traditional truck driving life may be changing.

And if you want to take on the tougher routes, trucking companies are providing even more financial incentives to take on the longer hours and many more of trucking’s challenges. You could reap plenty of benefits if you become a truck driver, adding onto your salary to make this job even more appealing.

How to Find Today’s Truck Driving Jobs

Life on the road as a truck driver may not be right for everyone. But what other jobs offer you the same kind of money with no college degree? Anyone can begin working towards a truck driver career right now with a quick driving course and the appropriate training. And once you’ve been trained, you’re able to apply for any of the lucrative, high-paying job openings available throughout the country.

From signing bonuses that offer new drivers thousands of dollars to flexible scheduling to mileage incentives and bonuses, trucking companies are turning truck driving into a great job. A new driver can quickly rack up extra cash in the very first days of this career and continue benefitting financially for years to come.

If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, there’s no better time than right now. There are plenty of openings and opportunities. To get started, you simply need to search online. One online search will quickly reveal truck driving jobs in your area, letting you compare companies, job openings, and different rates all in one place. You can choose the best fit and the top salary with this information and easy research.