4 Reasons to Rent a Boat for Your Next Vacation

While relaxing on a sandy beach or swimming in a lake or ocean is nice, you can up your game when you rent a boat for your next vacation. With a rental boat, you can try new activities such as wakeboarding or snorkeling, or simply sit back and enjoy your new surroundings.

When you rent a boat for your next vacation, the opportunties are truly endless.

Renting a boat is relatively easy to do when you choose a vacation destination on or near a large body of water. Whether you’re vacationing with family or catching up with old friends, here are four great reasons to rent a boat on your next trip.


1. Renting a Boat is Cheaper Than Owning One

If your travels take you to a waterfront destination far away from your home, renting a boat for your vacation is an affordable option. Since boat rental rates vary by location and type of boat, it’s wise to search online before your trip to compare boat rental companies where you’ll be vacationing.

For example, the average cost of renting a pontoon boat is $300 for a full day, according to Angie’s List. If you want to waterski, speedboat rentals average about $350 per day. For a more luxurious experience, weekly houseboat rentals cost between $2,000 and $10,000 a week.

Regardless of the type of watercraft you choose, expect to pay more for boat rentals on weekends and holidays, and during the peak seasons for your destination. If you’re vacationing on a budget, consider renting a boat on a weekday during the off-season for the best rates.

On the other hand, the cost to own boat adds up quickly. In addition to the initial cost of buying a boat, you’ll need to factor in:

  • Operating Expenses
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Upgrades and Replacements
  • Depreciation


2. Vacation Boat Rental is Fun and Relaxing

When you rent a boat for your next vacation, you achieve two primary goals: relaxation and fun. From rivers and ponds to lakes and oceans, you can enjoy a variety of different activities that you won’t get to experience on land.

Depending on your destination, you may have the opportunity to swim, float in an inner tube, snorkel, waterski, wakeboard, or fish. Or you can simply relax and enjoy the scenery.


3. Boating is Good for Your Health

A 2017 Gallop poll found that 80 percent of Americans feel stress throughout the day. If you’re part of that group, boating provides endless opportunities to break the daily routine.

According to Grow Boating, time spent on, in, near, or under water has psychological, emotional, and behavioral benefits. Boating induces a more restful state and promotes physiological and psychological changes such as:

  • Happiness and Relaxation
  • Creativity and Play
  • Awe and Wonder


4. No Experience Required to Rent a Boat

Has inexperience kept you from renting a boat in the past? Did you know that you don’t even need to know how to drive a boat to rent one? Most marinas and boat rental facilities give you a free lesson and guidance before you hit the water.

Another option is to look for a boat rental facility that offers captain services. This way, a captain pilots the boat so you can experience everything the surrounding water has to offer—without worrying about getting off course or have issues with the boat. If you’d like to learn how to pilot a boat, some experienced captains offer this service as well.

Renting a boat on vacation is affordable, fun, relaxing, and healthy. Whether you decide to rent a boat for a couple of hours, a full day, or the entire duration of your trip, you’re sure to make memories that will last for a lifetime.