Cellular Phone Plans That May Surprise You

Cell phones are now a necessary part of life the majority of us, and as seen by the rising number of senior folk who possess one, they are not just for the youth of today. They not only make it simpler for folk to communicate and text with friends, they capture cool family photographs, keep track of contacts and include many helpful applications.

Phones can also schedule your appointments, give you reminders and connect with assistive technologies and devices that make life easier and help you to get the most out of your day.

Cell phone plans are more generous than ever in 2023, offering massive savings on unlimited texts, minutes and data.

Cell phone plans that offer big data packages are especially important to the everyday student, worker, avid photographer and filmmaker. Having enough data to see you through the month can be difficult when you are constantly on the internet conducting research, doing business or making the next product Vlog for your favorite social media channel.

Cell phone plans change from year to year depending on your provider. One thing that has not changed is the increasing amount of minutes, texts and data that is on offer from leading companies like Verizon and T-Mobile each year. When you bundle an older model cellular phone with a plan this year you can expect more data than you know what to do with, on top of unlimited minutes and texts. Many phone plan providers, who want to make way for new 5G phones are selling older models at huge discounts with affordable monthly plans. Compare these 2023 cellular phone plans here that have subscription prices that may just surprise you.


Stay Connected in 2023 with a Verizon Cellular Phone Plan Boasting Unlimited Minutes, Texts and 600GB of Data

This cell phone plan from Verizon includes the Jitterbug Flip2 at no extra charge. The phone itself features a simple list-based menu, large vivid screen, large buttons, a powerful speaker, and Amazon Alexa to assist you with everyday needs, information and reminders.

The cellular plan is very generous with 600GB of data to chomp through each month and unlimited minutes and texts to all participating networks. This is one of the best deals Verizon has ever put on the table and they have a huge selection of fantastic phones from all the leading brand manufacturers in the same monthly price. The surprise here is that the monthly plan for this deal is an amazing $19.99 with a 2 year contract.

Plan highlights:

• 100% US based live customer service
• Reliable nationwide wireless network
• Cellular phone for just $1

Plan cost: Unlimited talk and text for just $19.99 per month, with 600GB of Data

AT&T Cellular Phone Plan Deals Come with Massive Data Allowances and Super 5G Connectivity

AT&T are going all out this year in a bid to attract new customers. That is why they are offering the Google Pixel 6a for just $1.99 with unlimited minutes, texts and data at a truly fantastic price in 2023. The 5G connectivity delivers super fast download capability and links you to all your favorite home and office devices with ease and simplicity.

Google’s new “camera bar” design, which can be seen on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series, is still a big part of the 6a phone. With Pixel phones, especially the newer ones, you can expect regular updates to security and features for many years to come. Those that use Chrome on a regular basis and have a google one account can get the most out of this phone and the multitude of helpful everyday applications it provides.

Plan highlights:

• Google Pixel 6a Smartphone for $1.99
• Unlimited minutes, texts and data
• 2 year contract

Plan cost: Unlimited minutes, text and data for $24.99 per month

T- Mobile 5G Cellular Phone 600GB Plans with a 1 Year Contract are Surprisingly Cheap

T- Mobile are offer this amazing deal with no fixed contract this year, meaning you don’t have to stress when you want to switch plans. It comes with a selection of phone models including the Motorola One 5G Ace. It costs around $379 new, though you can get it for nothing with unlimited minutes and texts with the 600GB plan.

The fact that there is only a one year fixed contract means that you can do very well out of this deal. T-Mobile are going one step further though to keep your custom when the contract finishes by giving you an automatic phone upgrade at the same fixed price as the plan you were on previously.

Plan highlights:

• Motorola One 5G Ace for free
• Unlimited minutes, texts and 600GB of data
• 1 year contract
• Contract renewal upgrade

Plan cost: Unlimited minutes, text and 600GB of data for $27.99 per month