Home Exercise Equipment To Fight Obesity

According to Health Data, more than 160 million Americans are suffering from obesity. The medical experts and doctors consider obesity to be the major health issue in the United States of America. It is thought that obesity looks odd in society, but it can be more than that. Anyone who is obese, suffer from various health disorders, and many of them can be fatal too. Those who are overweight, are prone to heart attacks, imbalanced cholesterol levels, damage to nerves and atrophy of the muscles. Obesity is a serious issue but can be fixed with home exercise equipment.


According to the polls from Gallup, overweight people have a strong desire of getting into shape. Though, losing weight does not work according to how strong is the desire, but how strong is the effort behind. The posts from Gallup also point out that 25% of the people willing to lose weight hardly put in any effort.

When a person gains the unwanted extra pounds, getting inspiration to go to a far off gym becomes very tough. However, to make yourself inspired and active enough to move around, getting home exercise equipment can be a life-changer. If you cannot bring the gym close to your home, with home exercise equipment, you can bring the gym to your home’s basement, living room, backyard, or whatever area that suits you the most.

To help you get the right home exercise equipment for your home, we have shortlisted 4 exercise machines for homes. Read this post until the end to start your fitness regime with the right knowledge.

1. Treadmill

We all are aware of the fact that jogging and brisk walk help in burning away the calories and boosting the metabolic rate. On a fine day, you will be able to see many people jogging in a park. Though this number reduces to almost nill when the weather is not suitable. When you are on a mission to get rid of that unwanted weight, you are not supposed to skip even those bad weather days. This is why you need an at-home treadmill.

The treadmill is not just a substitute for bad weather. People who are overweight and have just started working out to lose the extra pounds, may not be able to perspire for a long duration. The treadmill helps them to divide this duration into short intervals of time. There is no need to go outdoors for a jogging time and again and just do it according to personal convenience at home itself. This is a great motivating factor.

Various treadmills also have feature functionalities that can help you improve your workout. After normal jogging on the treadmill for a while, one can choose to start running at a higher pace, or a more inclined level of the treadmill. While you can make your workout more challenging and exciting with the treadmill, you can also place it anywhere in your home. Many people chose to put the treadmill in front of their television sets to use the time for more than just one thing.

2. Rowing Machine

The rowing machines are popular amongst people who prefer doing their workout at home. This is because the rowing machines help you get a workout for the entire body. The workout on the rowing machines keeps both upper lower body engaged. The actions that your body performs on the rowing machines, is similar to the rowing of a boat. The rowing machines help you lose extra weight and work on the major muscles present in our body.

The workout on the rowing machines is done in a sitting position because of which the straining from the knees and legs is eliminated. This is why the people who are extremely obese should start their workout with the rowing machines. Workout on the rowing machines will help you lose the weight that is stopping you from doing more effective training exercises.

3. Stationary Bike

For many people, buying home exercise equipment can be an over-expenditure. Though, if you are in extreme need of losing weight, you can always opt for stationary bikes. In comparison to the treadmills, ellipticals, etc. the stationary bikes are quite affordable and are also capable of giving you an equally beneficial workout.

The stationary bikes not just fit in a reasonable budget but are also a good way to start a workout for the people who are unable to workout because of injury issues. While the stationary bikes put less strain on the knees and lower back, they help you develop the core strength that also helps in improving the agility of the body. In the modern models of stationary bikes, you also get functionality to set training intervals. This helps the user to keep themselves inspired and also stick to the regime for the day.

4. Elliptical Machines

Whether you are obese and want to work out to burn the fat, or you want to tone your body, the elliptical machines are extremely effective. This home exercise equipment is capable of activating all the major muscles of the body. If you are doing the workout on the elliptical machines properly, you will also be able to engage your core and build strength.

The smooth movement on the elliptical machine helps you avoid the pressure on hip joints, ankles, and knees. In the case of a person who is obese, this specialty of the elliptical machine prevents any kind of injury. You burn a lot of calories on an elliptical machine as you are standing during the workout.

While progressing with your workout on this home exercise equipment, you should keep increasing the resistance. This will show an effective improvement in losing the extra pounds and also help you activate more muscles.

Choosing The Right Home Exercise Equipment

While progressing with your workout on this home exercise equipment, you should keep increasing the resistance. This will show an effective improvement in losing the extra pounds and also help you activate more muscles.

These are 4 exercise machines that can help you get fit from obese and can be used at home. You must choose the right machine for your use. Before opting for any amongst these, you should try them at a gym, fitness store, etc. and figure what are the preferences that suit you the most.

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