How Seniors Can Find Security Guard Jobs

Many senior citizens wish to stay productive by working in a job. Sometimes it is to stay active, meet people or to make some money. One of the job possibilities for a senior is being a security guard and many seniors are indeed working in these positions.

Security guards are working in many different places and at all times of the day or night. Their jobs and duties vary as do their locations. Some security guards work alone, others with partner(s); some are armed but most are not. Security guard jobs are a good opportunity for seniors because there are many such positions, ranging from very part time to full time. Also, many of these jobs require no prior experience and will provide you with training.

Below are listed some key ways to find security guard jobs.


Security Guard Training Schools

There are specialized training schools in most states, mainly to help people get certified to be a security guard. Even if your state doesn’t require any special certification, there are always classes given for general and specialized training in this field. The school will not only prepare you for a job ( and certification if required) as a security guard, they will also usually help to place you in an actual job.

Security Companies

In most major metropolitan areas, there are security companies that provide security equipment and personnel, including security guards, to various businesses and locations. Many companies and organizations don’t want to hire and handle their security guards, so they contract with one of these security companies instead. Usually these security companies directly hire and even train people to work for them. So, a good way to find a guard job is to directly contact these security agencies in your area.

Online Employment Sites

Just like most other types of jobs, openings for security guards are often listed on online employment sites. There are big national job sites and more local ones, often including from the local newspapers. There are also specialized online job boards run by community groups and organizations like AARP. Whatever site you go to, just search for “security guards” or just “guards”.

Government and Community Employment Centers

All areas have some sort of employment office and/or job development agency, where you can register for work and seek assistance in finding a job. Many locations have specialized agencies that help seniors to secure jobs and are worthwhile looking for and using. Another place to check is with local social service organizations, both private or governmental.

Ask Around!

If you’re not shy, stop and ask any security guard you see how they got their job. These guards are usually visible and in many different locations and if they aren’t busy, you could get a lot of useful information and leads from them. And of course, if you happen to personally know someone working as a security guard – then be sure to ‘pick their brain’.