Opportunities for Super-Fast Driving

If you love driving, but want to go faster than the law allows, you can - in certain places and situations. Such opportunities rarely come cheap, so you may need to save up some cash first, then check out the best deals. Here are some great driving opportunities to look into:


Track days

Book a track day, or part-day, at your nearest circuit-driving center. You'll find listings and locations online, along with prices. Facilities vary but can include a wide choice of cars, training sessions, racing and rough track challenges. If time or cash is limited, you can opt for a short session or reduced number of circuits, still enjoying a great experience.


Car rallies

Rally driving offers the unique thrill of roaring around the cordoned-off streets of a city with a throng of other driving enthusiasts. There could be steep hills, sharp bends and rough tracks to negotiate, adding to the fun and excitement. Rally driving is an expensive hobby, usually involving the purchase of a second-hand car, as well as rally entry fees with travel and accommodation costs on top for further events, but with a co-driver or team you can share out these costs.

German highways

Most highways around the world have speed limits, but there are some in Germany that don't. Provided you drive safely and responsibly, you can put your pedal on the metal on specified "Autobahns", or highroads, but make sure you're on the right sort before speeding ahead. Other opportunities like this may arise in other countries if the idea catches on, so keep a lookout.


Driving simulators

Drive as daringly as you like in a life-like setting within the four walls of your home. Sit in a real driving seat and manipulate physical equipment to steer your way through onscreen landscapes. Be warned that you'll encounter a reality check first when you look at the prices of the contraptions available, but the wide range starts reasonably low, and your chosen simulator will keep you and your family happy ever after. For cheap or cost-free alternatives, browse the online options. You'll find some amazing two-dimensional driving challenges and games to tackle on your IT equipment.


Speed-driving requires a skilled and responsible approach, and most opportunities are only open to license-holders over a specified age, so take note of any requirements and available advice before going ahead with a real-life option. But once you start, chances are you'll never want to stop.


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