The Best 2023 Holiday Cell Phone Deals

Everyone could use some extra savings around the holidays, especially on tech gadgets. The good news is there are plenty of cell phone deals to take advantage of right now. Providers are slashing prices on the hottest phones and offering different types of incentives you can’t find all year round. You can also shop with certain retailers that sell unlocked phones at discounted prices. Just search online to see what holiday cell phone deals are being offered right now.

Whether you’re looking to save money on a new cell phone or the actual plan, there are savings for everyone. You can discover the latest cell phone deals by searching online.


Here are some of the best holiday cell phone deals for 2023.


The Deal: Buy one phone, get one free

Eligible phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW
  • Samsung Galaxy ZFold2 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Ultra 5G
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW and Ultra 5G
  • Motorola edge+
  • LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW
  • Motorola razr

If you and a friend are in need of a new phone, why not take advantage of the buy one, get one free promotion with Verizon? This offer is available when you switch two lines and buy an unlimited plan. Buying certain phones will also get you up to $1,000 in credit that can be applied over a 24 month period.¹

 The Deal: Free phone

Eligible phones:

  • iPhone SE (64GB)
  • Google Pixel 4a and 5G UW
  • Alcatel AVALON V
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • LG K51
  • Motorola moto g power (online only)

If you want to save hundreds of dollars on a new phone and pay nothing, then Verizon has the offer you’re looking for. These phones start at zero dollars per month for 24 months with no APR. This offer is available to customers opening a new line. You can check out the plans available with Verizon by searching online.²


The Deal: Up to $700 off with trade-in

Eligible phones:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

New and existing customers can take advantage of this offer from AT&T. By trading in an old phone, you can get up to $700 off a brand new device. This limited time offer is eligible with the purchase or upgrade to an unlimited plan. The credit you receive will be applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly installments.³

The Deal: $10 per month or $5 with trade-in

Eligible phones:

  • Google Pixel 4a (5G)
  • iPhone 11

AT&T has some low monthly offers on a new phone. You can pay just $10 per month on a new phone simply by opening a new line or upgrading your current one with an unlimited plan. Alternatively, you could score further savings by trading in an eligible phone; you’ll pay just $5 per month. ⁴

The Deal: Get a Samsung Galaxy A51 5G for $1 per month

The only thing more affordable than a free phone is a phone that costs one dollar per month, and you can get the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G for that price by purchasing this phone on a qualifying installment agreement. You will also have to purchase an unlimited plan. Then, you’ll get $470 in bill credits applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly installments.⁵


The Deal: Buy one phone, get a deal on a second

Eligible phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 4G
  • Galaxy Note20 5g and Ultra 5G

T-Mobile is giving customers a good reason to add a second or activate two qualifying lines. For instance, you can buy one Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G and get the second one free. For other Samsung phones, you could get up to $1,000 off on the second. Search online for offer details to see how much money you can save on two new phones.⁶

The Deal: Get 50 percent off a new phone

Eligible Phones:

  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • REVVL 5G
  • iPhone SE (2023)

Save money on a new phone on qualifying purchases with T-Mobile. The provider will give you 50 percent off a new phone via 24 monthly credits when you join. All you have to do is choose an eligible plan and the full value of the phone will be paid off in 24 bill credits.⁷

Search Online for More Phone Deals

The holidays are the best time to buy a new phone. Providers are making offers on the latest devices that you don’t see all year round. Remember, these deals are available for a limited time. Search online to learn more about how you can qualify for these incentives as a new or existing customer.