4 Car Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Car repairs are rarely easy or cheap. The rising cost of vehicle parts and repairs has pushed many people to the brink, and some car owners are looking to cut costs by doing their own repairs. Mechanics go to school to acquire professional certifications, and there’s a reason for that. Some projects are complicated and are better left to professionals. Here are some car repairs you should never do yourself:

do it yourself car repairs

1. Transmission Repairs

The transmission is, without a doubt, the most complex part of a car’s inner-workings.  It contains a complex labyrinth of parts such as gears, rods, tensioners, and other things that are hard to pronounce.

A car’s transmission plays an essential role in reversing and forward driving, and transmission work isn’t a do it yourself car repair. If you decide to take your chances and try to fix your car’s transmission, you’ll run the risk of causing more damage and spending more money to fix it.

Repairing or replacing the transmission requires the expertise and skill of a professional who has access to specialized tools (and a brain full of car repair knowledge).  Transmission repairs and replacements can cost between $2,000 and $8,000 if properly handled by a professional.

2. Electrical Fixes

Experienced car drivers may think that electrical repairs are always as simple as changing a fuse. However, car electronics are complicated, and you should never try to resolve your car’s electrical issue yourself.

Professional mechanics use the proper diagnostic tools to find the problem with your car and repair it. Electrical work isn’t guesswork.

3. Engine Diagnostics

When a car engine is not working properly, many owners panic. Engine repair is no place for amateur mechanics who feel that they can diagnose engine troubles with a quick web search.

The “check engine” light on your car dashboard indicates something needs attention or repair on your car, but it’s impossible to know what needs attention without the proper tools. Issues can include:

  • A clogged radiator
  • Coolant loss
  • A missing gas cap
  • A faulty oxygen sensor
  • Dirty oil
  • Worn spark plugs

Contact your mechanic and save yourself the hassle. A car diagnostic test can cost around $100 to $300. If you’re a regular at your chosen garage and you plan to have your car repairs done there, they may even run the diagnostic test for free.

4. Driveability Problems

Does your car have driveability problems such as failing to start, stalling, hesitating, or surging? Does it wobble, vibrate, or make squealing noises when you brake? If so, this is not the time for do it yourself car repairs.

Driveability problems can point to potentially serious issues with your braking system, engine, or the entire suspension system. Do it yourself repairs may fix the symptoms of the problem, but they could lead to even more expensive repairs in the future.

Find a professional car repair service to carry out a detailed inspection of the entire vehicle and fix the underlying issues causing driveability problems.


Opting for professional car repairs instead of doing them yourself will save you money in the long run. It’s tempting to do your own car repairs, especially when you see the quote from the mechanic, but we recommend you ditch your toolbox and visit a reputable mechanic for all your car repair needs.