Spine Injury & Back Pain Rehabilitation

Back/neck pain is one of the most common causes of pain among adults. The majority of acute episodes of back/neck pain will resolve quickly and without persistent disability. Back/neck pain can recur frequently and become persistent. Physical therapy has proven to be an effective, noninvasive option managing acute spinal disorders, preventing them from recurring (coming back) and preventing or limiting the use of opioids for pain management.

Cleveland Clinic’s Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy spine services include a comprehensive evaluation, assessment of functional ability and individualized treatment sessions designed to offer multiple therapeutic options.


Who is spine injury and back pain rehabilitation for?

Spine injury and back pain rehabilitation is for people with:

  • Acute or chronic back or neck pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Herniated disc (ruptured disc) .
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Postsurgical pain.
  • Sacroiliac dysfunctions (SI joint).
  • Scoliosis.
  • Spondylolisthesis.
  • Sciatica.

What does spine injury and back pain rehabilitation involve?

Our staff is trained in a diverse number of treatment approaches. Each rehabilitation plan is tailored to your specific diagnosis, needs and goals. We provide treatment sessions in a one-on-one setting, and they may consist of:

  • Aquatic physical therapy.
  • Core stabilization exercises.
  • Correction of body mechanics.
  • Development of a home exercise program.
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation.
  • Postural correction.
  • Soft tissue mobilization.
  • Stretching and flexibility exercises.
  • Traction.

How long will spine injury and back pain rehabilitation take?

The length of rehabilitation will vary depending on when you start therapy, the severity of your symptoms and your goals for rehabilitation. Your care team will coordinate your therapy services with any ongoing medical treatment prescribed by your treating physician. You’ll likely visit one to two times per week for several weeks or a few months in order to get the most out of your progress and overall outcome.