How to Score Great Deals on Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas is famous for its vibrant, colorful nightlife. Its casinos have every game imaginable, and most people think that it is the only thing that Las Vegas is famous for. However, there are some great entertainment options as well, which include concerts of your famous musicians, extravagant stage shows, fine-class dining and much more. Las Vegas hotels are extravagant and classy. There is something for everybody in Sin City.


Although the city has full of luxury hotels, expensive restaurants and stylish shops, you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy the city. You can always find ways to plan a cheap trip to Vegas and stay in the best hotels on the Strip and still save big.

How to save money on Las Vegas hotels during your next trip.

1. Snag a Package Deal

Most people make separate bookings for their rental cars, flights and hotel rooms. You may be able to save cost by getting a bundle deal for your flight and hotel, your hotel or rental car, or all three. Hundreds of dollars might be saved.

You can use travel comparison sites to search for package deals. Searching may take time, but there's something for everybody. If you want to save more money, you may go for vacation bundles which are a cheap option if you're in a hurry.

2. Compare Hotel Rates

Most travel websites don't share and publish the same information or deals. Popular travel websites like and let you make quick comparisons. You can even use them to compare hotels listed on different comparison sites.

You might want to search for any promo codes or coupons before booking your trip. Check different comparison sites to see if you can reduce the price further by using a valid coupon. Moreover, don't restrict yourself to search engines. Instead, visit individual hotel sites to check out their deals and promotions.

It's better if you start searching for prices for a hotel on its own website. You can then continue searching different websites for similar hotels for cheaper prices. Doing this will give you an idea about the prices hotels are charging for your desired dates. Comparing these prices will definitely allow you to chose the best deal.

3. Take Advantage of Your Credit Card

Most credit card companies offer rewards and travel points. Check and see if your credit card offers such rewards and whether they can be used in Las Vegas Hotels. If your credit card points are redeemable, you should use them to get deals on hotel accommodations, flights and other travel bookings.

Credit card companies usually count your rewards as hotel stays anywhere. You might be able to convert your airline miles to hotel points as well. If you have enough points, you may be able to stay at a Las Vegas hotel for free.

Before you book your stay at a Las Vegas hotel, check whether your credit card company can help you save money. If it can, then you should use it. Sometimes, there are special discounts for certain types of credit card users.

4. Go During the Off Season

The weekend is the best time to hit the Strip, but Las Vegas hotels are very expensive during that time. There is a lot of demand for hotels on Friday and Saturday nights making them the most expensive days to visit. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars by planning your trip on other days.

Try to avoid the peak tourism season. Las Vegas gets the most visitors during the months of February, March and June. In these months, Las Vegas hotels are expensive and hard to find. You can maximize your savings by visiting the city in fall or winter when it is relatively quieter.

5. Get Enrolled in Hotel Loyalty Programs

If you are a regular traveler, you should signup with your most frequently used hotel's royalty program. Staying at the same hotel will help you accumulate points which can result in coupons, special discounts and much more.

Almost every hotel in Las Vegas offers loyalty programs. These loyalty programs include accommodations, dining and gaming. Some examples of hotels offering such programs include Harrah's properties', Total Rewards Club and M Life Rewards. With every stay, you can save money on food, accommodation, and gambling.

Find a Cheap Las Vegas Hotel

The best way to find a cheap Las Vegas hotel or to get a good discount, is to do your research. When you're planning for your trip to the Strip, make sure you save money by searching online for deals, discounts, package and offers.

Remember not to limit your research. You should go online and check different hotels, their prices and their offers. Search efficiently and timely, to save money so you may enjoy your vacation without worrying about what your hotel is going to charge you. You might just be able to stay for free!

Like it goes for everything, it's always better to be aware of the latest discounts, offers and deals. We recommend comparing at least 3-4 options before finalizing your plans. Doing an online research is the most thorough way to understand all the pros and cons.