With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan a road trip. What better way to celebrate the sunny season than a few days with friends or family exploring new places?

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a multi-week adventure across the country, a road trip requires a certain amount of prep work. Take note of these five tips for a safe, comfortable, and relaxing journey.

road trip

Pack Hydrating Drinks

Coffee is great - it’ll keep you alert and on-task, but a caffeinated drink alone won’t keep you hydrated. Pair your coffee or energy drink with a bottle of water, and keep your water accessible. Sure, you’ll have to make a few extra washroom stops, but those are opportunities to stretch your legs.

It’s Not A Road Trip Without Snacks

We don’t endorse eating while driving, but hunger can be distracting. Of course, you’ll likely pass plenty of drive-thrus and restaurants along the way, but for long stretches of country roads, having snacks on hand is a must. Choose foods that are high in protein to keep your energy levels high. Avoid messy foods like soup and ice cream, and instead, opt for satisfying finger foods, like trail mix, chopped fruit, and potato chips (if you want a treat).

Bring Hard Copies of Important Documents on Your Road Trip

Even in the age of GPS and Google Maps, hard copies of directional documents are a must. You might not have cell service on back roads. Be prepared with paper copies of directions and maps, emergency phone numbers, and insurance information. If you’re crossing a border, keep your passports handy.

Pack an Emergency Kit

You should keep certain items in your vehicle at all times. Pack a container of emergency cash, foil blankets, rain gear, and a flashlight. If you go on a lot of road trips, consider buying an emergency kit that’s uniquely designed to keep in the car. Some have handy items like portable hazard signs and window breakers (in case of an accident where the car’s power windows fail).

Daily Essentials Are Essentials, Even on A Road Trip

Easily accessible personal amenities will keep you satisfied and sane, especially on longer drives. Items like lip balm, tissues, medications, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and any other personal effects you frequently use should be kept on-hand.


Road trips are an exciting way to explore the world around you. Your next adventure is just around the corner. Make the most of it.