11 Best Casinos In The Country

If you are searching for the world's most lavish and extravagant casinos, then you do not have to look far. There are numerous extravagant and lavish casinos in the United States - many of these grand casinos are in Vegas.

best casinos

Besides Vegas, places like Connecticut and Atlantic City also have many grand casinos. These casinos also comprise of dining halls, spas, gaming rooms in case you are not interested in gambling.

With that being said, let's have a look at 11 top casinos in the United States for winning big jackpots, enjoying rich food, and partying like a celebrity.

1. Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

When we are talking about the best casinos, then the first name that comes to mind is Caesars Palace. It has a massive gaming area where you can all types of casino games. And, if you like to bet on sports, then there is a massive 15,580 sqft sports room for all kinds of betting on the games.

There are several musical shows of popular celebrities and icons like Britney Spears, Madonna apart from gambling. Moreover, you can also visit some spas, shopping malls, clubs, and enjoy the nightlife

2. The Borgata – Atlantic City

The Borgata, opened in 2003, is a hotel having 2000 rooms and a casino with more than 300 table games, over 3500 different slot machines, and an enormous 16100 sqft poker room. Borgata is situated on the boardwalk just near the ocean. So if you are looking for a stunning view, you will be fully satisfied.

After visiting the casino, you can relax at the luxurious spa and massage parlor. The nearby restaurants are The Metropolitan, Bobby Flay Steaks, and Angeline.

3. Mohegan Sun – Connecticut

The Mohegan Sun, created in 1996, is home to three popular casinos i.e., Casino of the Sky, Casino of the wind, and Casino of the Earth. The casinos comprise of more than 5000 slot machines, 250 plus table games, 40 plus poker tables, and a gaming area consisting of traditional Asian table games.

There are many activities for kids like live entertainment, spas, gaming arena, shopping malls, therefore, making it an excellent choice for a family vacation.

4. Peppermill – Nevada

Peppermill is an extravagant 82,000 sqft casino having more than 1500 slot machines and 45 table games. For sports bettors, there is a massive sports theater as well.

The main highlights of the Peppermill are its amenities. There are more than 1600 top-class rooms along with a unique and unmatched 33000 sqft three-story luxurious spa. Moreover, there are also two pools, a shopping plaza, and some award-winning restaurants.

5. Bellagio – Las Vegas

Bellagio, opened in 1998, is a luxurious hotel with a grand casino. It is a well-known and popular attraction on the strip, thanks to the enormous dancing water fountain, the Fountains of Bellagio.

There is Bobby's Room, named after renowned poker player Bobby Baldwin, especially for high stakes poker players. Drinks and food can be served to you while you play poker. You can even enjoy a massage at the table while you are playing.

6. Eldorado – Louisiana

Eldorado has a large 81000 sqft gaming floor and is the best place to be in Louisiana. The gaming floor has more than 1000 slot games and 100 table games. If you do not want to play any games, then you can gamble on live sports.

There are numerous restaurants on-site like La Strada, Pho Mein, where you can grab a quick bite. There are many other amenities as well, like a luxurious spa and deluxe guest rooms.

7. Beau Rivage – Mississippi

Beau Rivage is an overwhelming place with an 85,000 sqft gaming room having more than 1,800 slot machines. The site might be a bit intimidating, but the atmosphere and ambiance are very comforting. There are over 96 tables, so you won't have to wait to play table games.

Beau Rivage is near the beach, so the view is beautiful as well. There are beautiful sights, boutique shopping, and highly-rated restaurants like Terrace Cafe, Stalla, and Waffle House.

8. MGM Grand – Las Vegas

BGM Grand is famous for lavish table games and slot machines. You can have a great time at MGM Grand, even if you are not into gambling. It has an enormous adult-arcade comprising of classic games like Pac-man, beer pong, and billiards.

There are so many options for entertainment outside the casino like acrobatic and athletism in Cirque Du Solei shows. You can enjoy a meal at many prominent restaurants like Edge Steakhouse, Joel Robuchon, and Craftsteak.

9. Foxwoods – Connecticut

Foxwoods gives you a unique and unparalleled experience than any other casino. Once, it was the biggest casino in the world; and now it is home of seven casinos, splendid hotels, excellent spas, and top-class golf course.

You can also find different types of characters in the halls like the Pequot tribe. Moreover, there is a Native American museum shedding light on their culture.

10. Hard Rock – Iowa

Hard Rock is an award-winning casino comprising of more than 800 slot machines and poker games along with 25 other table games. You can also order cocktails at your table while you are playing table games like blackjack, baccarat.

It is famous for its music. You will hear different types of classical and modern rock music while you are playing.

11. Pechanga – California

The Pechanga is a massive 188,000 sqft palace comprising of more than 4000 slot machines as well as 140 types of table games. Along with this, you can also find a 700-seat bingo hall. Pechanga is also famous for its classic jazz music and stand-up shows.

Moreover, you can enjoy some excellent food at the famous nearby restaurants like Great Oak Steakhouse, Paisano's Italian, Umi Sushi and Oyster Bar, and many more. After a memorable and enjoyable day, you can head to the deluxe suite for the night.