Unsold Pickup Truck Inventory Causing Prices to Drop

Pickup trucks are versatile, powerful, practical, and they look great. There’s just something about a vehicle that can do it all. If you’ve priced pickup trucks at a local dealership, you probably walked away with sticker shock (dismay experienced by potential buyers upon learning the high price of something). Unfortunately, because they’re exceptionally functional and desirable, pickup trucks are usually among the most expensive vehicle options. It’s not all bad news, though. That sticker price isn’t set in stone. Consider it a starting point for negotiation. Here’s what you need to know about scoring a great deal on your new pickup truck:


Pickup Truck Prices Are Dropping

Pickup trucks just aren’t selling like they used to. Gas prices are higher, and pickups are more costly to drive. Older cars are lasting longer, and people are hanging onto them. Whatever the reason, dealerships are reaching the model year-end with more leftover stock than ever. Dealerships are much more motivated to offload a vehicle when it’s been on the lot for a while. If you’re not choosy about aesthetic details, like paint color or trims, find a pickup that’s been on the lot for a while, and make an offer. You can usually find out which vehicles have been for sale for a long time by visiting the dealer’s website and sorting the vehicles by date added.

Dealerships Sell Nearly New Pickup Trucks At Enormous Discounts

Leased vehicles usually return to the dealership in tip-top shape. The people who lease these vehicles take great care of them and try to keep mileage low to avoid penalties. You can purchase a previously leased pickup that shows like new at a substantial discount.

Monthly Payments Are More Affordable Than Ever

Most people finance their vehicles, and dealerships love it. A customer who leases or finances a car with a particular dealership often becomes a lifelong customer. Dealers facilitate trade-ins and offer repeat customer incentives for their most loyal customers. They make financing easy by permitting customers to make smaller payments for longer periods. And with incentives like free oil changes and 0% interest, there’s no reason to wait.

Students and Seniors Are Eligible for Even Greater Discounts

Some colleges and companies have professional relationships with specific vehicle manufacturers and can provide a discount. Ask a school representative about programs you may be eligible for, or check out AARP’s Auto Buying Program.


Final Words on Scoring a Great Deal on Your New Pickup Truck

Be an educated consumer. The internet is a vast resource for information on prices, discounts, and customers’ experiences. Compare a range of makes and models, and decide which features are worth paying more for. Remember, the current economy is volatile and unpredictable. Prices can start trending upward anytime. If you’re in the market for a new pickup truck, this is an excellent time to start looking.