How To Get Dental Implants Under Medicare In 2023

2023 dental implants are not covered under Original Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage plan holders may discover dental implant coverage included in their package. In order to avoid paying the whole price for this surgery while on Medicare, you must make sure you have a supplementary kind of insurance, such as a stand-alone dental plan.

Medicare Advantage plan may cover a portion of your dental implant treatment, though an individual separate plan is required.

There are a number of standalone dental plans that may aid with dental implant costs. Since Original Medicare does not cover eye or hearing care, these plans often include extra coverage for those treatments as well. However, not all dental insurance policies will pay for dental implants, so before enrolling, it’s vital to discuss your plan’s coverage with an agent.

Make sure your plan covers dental coverage, which includes dental implants, before selecting a Medicare Advantage plan to pay for them. You must go through the plan’s Evidence of Coverage to confirm your eligibility for cover. You may have to pay a greater monthly premium in order to get this added benefit. However, you will need to keep in mind the maximum dental benefit. Dental co-payments and deductibles are typically required by Medicare Advantage plans. After you’ve received the maximum benefit under the majority of the plans, you will be liable for the whole cost. Compare these dental plans may make you huge savings on dental implants in the new year.


Anthem Offer A Wide Range Of Budget Dental Plans To Cover Your Treatment Needs

Anthem offers insurance to 42 million people in 14 states, making it one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. There are a number of dental insurance plans available, and members have access to important information and digital technology.

Anthem’s size is a distinctive characteristic that sets it apart from other insurance companies. The company is linked with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and offers one of the largest networks of dental care providers in the country. Anthem insurance has drawbacks such as non-customization policies and limited availability in some parts of the country. However, their fees are modest and they provide partial dental implant coverage.


• A great option for individuals needing standard insurance plans and coverage
• Can bundle with health and vision policies
• Part of the immense line of Blue Cross Blue Shield companies

Monthly premium: $50.55

Take Out Your Dental Cover with Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America

The Indiana-based Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America serves over 13 million policyholders nationwide. The network gives access to 300,000 dentists nationwide. They give discounts and financial help for seniors. They also provide a substantial implant coverage policy with an appealing maximum. They collaborate with Medicare Advantage agents to combine the needs and advantages of your coverage.

Renaissance Dental insurance offers a fair selection of dental insurance alternatives, as well as a Healthy Savings Card accepted at over 175,000 locations. In the previous year, the firm provided great customer service, answering 99 percent of calls on the first try.


• No waiting periods for preventative and diagnostic services
• Customers can choose any provider they want
• Large network with access to over 300,000 dental providers
• Offers coverage for implants and crowns

Monthly premium: $36.48

Get Your Implants at Metlife Dental with Plans That Boast The Highest Value in America

The Metlife Dental Insurance Network is comprised of hundreds of dentists, and allows you to search by ZIP Code, specialty, and even language to find the right one. The vast majority of cleanings and exams are fully covered by in-network providers.

While Metlife enables you to browse both in-network and out-of-network providers, sticking to network providers will save you the most money. You may be eligible for lower prices as a MetLife member due to MetLife’s in-network partnerships. These negotiated pricing are often 30 to 45 percent less than usual, resulting in lower out-of-pocket costs for dental care.


• Offers various types of dental insurance plans, including employer-provided, veterans, federal and individual
• Choose in-network or out-of-network oral care providers
• Fixed fees for different service treatments and products to mitigate confusion about prices

Monthly premium: Contact Metlife

Delta Dental Provides Partial Cover Nationwide On Affordable Dental Implants

Delta Dental and its 39 separate dental insurance firms provide complete dental coverage in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and other US. Territories. More than 80 million consumers are served by the firm’s network of over 150,000 affiliated dentists countrywide. Delta Dental provides HMO and PPO plans in addition to managed fee-for-service and discount alternatives.


• Extensive network of more than 150,000 providers
• Discount plans available: Customers can choose from participating dentists who offer partial cover
• 4/5 stars based on 495 ratings

Monthly premium: $26.90