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Well-Paying Jobs Without A Bachelor’s Degree

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree is a logical first step towards landing a well-paying job, but…

10 Difficult Cities To Retire In

For most people, retirement marks the beginning of a better quality of life. But some things are more difficult in retirement – finances are tighter, storms and disasters are harder to recover from, and time may seem quite long when you’re not spending eight hours per day working.

9 Easiest Places To Retire On A Fixed Income

Perhaps your career has always kept you rooted in one place, and retirement is an opportunity to start fresh or fulfill your lifelong dream of living near a beach or in the countryside. Perhaps you’ve been longing for a slow-paced life far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.

Here’s Why Senior Housing Options are Expected to Drastically Drop in Price

Finding affordable housing is just one of many obstacles seniors face. The reality is that most seniors are on a tight budget, and expenses like electricity, cable, and housing add up quickly.