European River Cruises Are Nothing Like The Mega Ships

A river cruise is a perfect way of spending time on the water during any vacation. In the river cruise, you travel on a river enjoying the beautiful scenery by booking a cabin on a ship. These cruises stop at different countryside attractions and also in popular cities and towns.

European river cruises

One such popular cruise destination is Europe. Here, travelers will find a vibrant blend of culture, different cuisines, and attractive surroundings.

What Can You Expect In A European River Cruise

After booking a cabin on a cruise, you will find that the amenities and services are similar to any reputed hotel. You will find comfortable beds along with TV, Wi-Fi, and also the attached bathroom. There are even balconies with some cabins.

There are different types of meals, snacks, beverages on the ship. Generally, the local cuisine from where the ship goes through is usually on the menu. Apart from restaurants and bars, other amenities on the ship include a fitness center, pool, salon, massage parlor, library, and sun deck.

The itinerary of any river cruise will allow you to disembark to enjoy attractions and activities on land regularly. For example, the eight-day cruise of Viking Cruise on the Seine River usually includes visits to popular attractions like Rouen's cathedra, Normandy beaches, guided tour of Paris, etc.

Difference Between European Cruises & Ocean Cruises?

It would be best if you consider your preference before selecting the type of cruise. There is a lot of difference in traveling on a river and cruising on the ocean.

Generally, the ocean cruise involves a bigger and larger ship. Although some companies offer small-ship cruises, there are thousands of people on ocean cruises. On the other hand, there are no more than a couple of hundred people on a river cruise.

You may spend days on the open water in the ocean cruise. However, it depends on the cruise you take. In contrast, there are regular stoppages in river cruises so that so you can see something's on land as well.

The ocean cruises offer more options for pleasure and recreation on the ship itself, like live shows since most of the time is spent on the water. Also, think about the view or things you want to see. With ocean cruises, you can look at the scenic beauty along the shore or sea. With European river cruises, you might not be able to watch the visuals of an open ocean. Still, you will find more variety in scenery, including jungles, hills, fascinating towns, and architecture.

5 Popular European Cruise Locations

1. Danube River

The Danube river runs from Germany to the Black Sea. The length of the Danube river is approximately 1,770 miles. Generally, the Danube cruises operate between Hungary and Germany. The major highlight of these cruises includes visiting historic cites, biking excursions, along with classical music concerts.

The average fare for an eight-day cruise on the Danube will cost roughly between $2000 to $5000 per person.

2. Rhine River

The Rhine river runs from picturesque Switzerland to the Netherlands. With the Rhine cruise, you can see the countryside beauty filled with hills, palaces, and vineyards. What makes this cruise even more memorable are the popular cultural centers such as Strasbourg in France. The Rhine cruise can combine with other cruises on the Danube and the Moselle through waterways connections.

An eight-day cruise on the Rhine will cost between $2300 to $4400 per person.

3. Rhône River

If you want to explore southeast France, then a cruise on Rhône River is the one for you. Generally, the Rhone cruise lasts seven days. The major highlights of this cruise are Roman ruins, papal palace, along with some important cultural sites in Lyon, Avignon, and Arles. The cuisine and the lovely countryside are some of the other attractions.

Depending upon the cruise line and the time of the year, the base fare per person ranges from $2000 to $5600.

4. Seine River

The main reason travelers select a cruise on the Seine river is that the cruise will take them to the romantic city of Paris. Paris is a city with many cultural wonders, yummy food, and a romantic environment. The cruise takes you to many historical and cultural attractions from ancient churches to the history of the second world war; there is no shortage of variety.

The base fare for an eight-day cruise on the Seine ranges between $2000 to $6000 per person. Similar to the other cruises, the price depends on the time of the year, the cruise line, deals you get, and accommodations you select.

5. Douro River

The cruise on the Douro will take you to the countryside in Portugal and also gives you a glimpse of Spain as well. This cruise is popular in travelers who desire a destination with a rich culture but lesser tourist traffic. The major attractions of this cruise are world heritage sites, estates making port wine, and the beautiful city of Porto. Porto is the city of picturesque buildings, obscure churches, and other examples of grand architecture.

The base fare for an eight-day cruise on the Douro is approximately $2180.

Selecting The Best European Cruise

There are many criteria for picking the European river cruise, such as choosing the countries you wish to explore, the amenities a cruise offer, and many more. Some companies provide a more comprehensive array of destinations, whereas some deals in one or two destinations. As such, it is always beneficial to figure out your options and look for handy deals properly.