Everything You Need to Know about Taking a Ski Vacation

A ski vacation is an opportunity for athletic challenges, beautiful natural scenery, outdoor adventure, and a chance to spend quality time with your family. But what about the likely expenses?

If you are concerned about the expenses of a ski trip, do not give up the chance of enjoying snowboarding, skiing, and other fun activities that would really make your holiday unforgettable. There are many authentic ways of saving bucks on any ski trip. Search for deals and discounts online on accommodation and amenities for saving money on vacation. The following are some of the examples.

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Château Beauvallon

Canada is an attractive choice in case you are looking for a ski trip outside the United States. There are some beautiful locations that you can choose from. Moreover, the travel time is also shorter than a journey across the ocean. Mont Tremblant in Quebec is among one of the best ski resorts in the world.

A popular four-star hotel Château Beauvallon near Mont Tremblant is offering exclusive deals on bookings. You can avail a discount of 25% on the regular price if you are planning for four nights stay. For instance, a two-bedroom suite having a usual price of$250 per night could be available for less than $200. In case your stay is less than four nights, you can still get the benefit. You can get a 20% discount for three nights, and a discount of 10% if you are staying for two nights.

All the rooms in the hotels are luxurious and comfortable, have a private balcony, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a fireplace. The hotel also consists of an indoor swimming pool along with a bar. The reservation includes free breakfasts as well as free parking.

Keystone Resort

The Keystone Resort in Colorado’s Summit County is a popular ski destination covering three mountains along with numerous ski bowls. You can find a wide range of rooms for as low as $160 per night.

The resort is perfect for family excursions. The winter vacation deals offer free skiing for children under 12 years of age. Moreover, there is a 20% discount on accommodations and free of a cost yoga class.

Many different types of activities are available at the resort such as ice skating, skiing and snowboarding lessons, sleigh rides, and trips on a snowmobile. The resort also incorporates various restaurants, a gym, a spa, and an entertainment center. Free transportation around the resort is also available for the guests.

Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort is located within 30 miles from the famous Salt Lake City. It provides you the chance to ski in the Wasatch Mountains. There are a variety of rooms in the resort, including condos, townhomes, deluxe private villas, and an inn. It also includes different kinds of amenities like a swimming pool, game room, fitness center, spa and sauna, an outdoor hot tub, and free parking. The rooms range between $200 to a few hundred dollars per night. However, there are some exclusive deals, including an extra night free of cost at the resort.

The resort provides different levels of skiing and snowboarding like a beginner and an advanced level for adults. There are skiing lessons for kids also.

The resort will be crowded in the first week of February because of the 2019 International Ski Federation World Championship. The top athletes from all over the world will be there. So, skiing fans will have an excellent opportunity to meet them

5 Important Tips for the Ski Vacation

Apart from getting great deals from ski resorts and websites like Expedia, there are some other ways to save money. The following are a few tips for saving money on the skiing vacation.

  • In case you are bringing your skis from home, check the additional charges of the airlines that you are using. Generally, different airlines follow different rules regarding bundling items together. Also, some airlines charge for weight while some are more stringent about length.
  • Although you may be bringing your skis, you might need snowshoes or other equipment for different activities. Look at what kind of gear your ski resort is offering, can you rent it at a reduced rate or for free?
  • In case your room has a kitchen, buy groceries, and cook your food. It is generally much cheaper and pocket-friendly than having every meal at a restaurant.
  • The toiletries are generally expensive at the ski destinations, so do not buy from them. Always pack essential things like lip balm, sunglasses, socks, gloves, etc. Make a list of items needed for a skiing vacation.
  • To grab lucrative deals or save money, make reservations in advance and do not plan your vacation on popular days like Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Most Ski Trips Can Fit Within Your Budget

You do not have to travel to far off places or spend an outrageous sum of money for appealing skiing destinations. There are excellent skiing and snowboarding resorts in the United States and Canada. Just do a little research and make use of the great deals to make your skiing vacation even more cost-effective.