Truck Driving Jobs For Seniors

Some might think that being a senior and a truck driver don’t go together. This is not necessarily true. As with other jobs, just being “older” doesn’t automatically disqualify you. In addition, a truck driving job can offer some positive benefits for senior citizens.

Regardless of age, there are some common basic characteristics to be a truck driver:

– Being a good driver and really liking to drive.

– Being responsible and have good business sense.

– Enjoying the open road and traveling.

So, if you’re a senior and the above fits you, you should consider becoming a truck driver.


Current Situation Of the Truck Driving Field

There is currently a severe shortage of truck drivers and it is expected to get worse. It is estimated that by 2025 there will be a shortage of almost 100,000 drivers nationwide. Qualified truck drivers – of all ages – are and will continue to be in high demand. Another factor making this field a good opportunity for seniors is the aging of the population and available work force. Both of these factors are in the favor of seniors looking to start a new career as a trucker.

How Seniors Can Fit Into This Field

Did you know that the average age of working truck drivers is over 50? Also, many persons in their 50s and 60s have become brand new truckers. Besides being against the law, this field does not have age discrimination. You are allowed to drive as long as you’re healthy and are a safe and responsible driver. Even if you think you’re not physically capable of heavy work – you can still do this job. This is because there are many trucking jobs that are “no touch freight” positions, meaning you only drive and don’t have to load or unload anything.

Salary, Benefits and Requirements

The salary for a full time truck driver usually is well over $50,000 a year. In addition to the salary, most truck companies offer generous benefits including health insurance, life and disability insurance and pension plans. As mentioned before, a big benefit to this field is major job security due to the acute shortage of drivers.

The requirements to become a trucker a pretty straight forward. You usually only need a high school education, an existing clean driving record and the ability to secure a large rig (truck) CDL – Commercial Driver License. There are many truck driving schools that will teach you how to drive these rigs and to pass the test to secure your CDL.

More Than A Job

This is a job that lends itself to a couple working together. If you and your spouse both secure a CDL, you can become team drivers. Not only will you keep each other company, but you can take turns driving. This means you can drive further and faster – which usually equals making much more money. Being a trucker also means a new lifestyle, where you get to travel and see new places on a regular basis. Think of it as being paid to travel around in a RV on a regular basis.

Another opportunity is that you can be an “owner-operator” instead of just an employee. There are many programs where you lease the truck and run your own trucking business. There is plenty of work available and many owner-operators earn over $150,000 a year. This is also a good opportunity for starting and running a family business.