Here’s How We’re Saving On Our Cable And Internet Bills

Are you paying too much for cable and internet? Most likely. If you’re paying over $90 per month, there’s one thing you need to know before your next billing cycle: there are dozens of new cable companies popping up that are desperate to give you a better deal.

Cable companies know this and they would much rather keep you in the dark. If it’s been more than a year or two since you’ve looked at cable offers, there’s a good chance you could be missing out on significant discounts and savings, even from your current cable provider.


Do you think your current cable provider would call you up to offer you the latest discount? Most likely not. They would much rather have you continue to pay the higher rates they’re setting.
So what exactly should you do? Comparison shop.

It’s amazing how many people will just continue to pay their cable TV bill every month and not realize their bills could be increasing thanks to fee increases and new add-ons.

Competition has risen drastically in past years and cable providers are constantly offering lower rates for higher internet speeds and more of your favorite channels just to win your business.

No one wants to pay $100s of dollars a month to watch TV or browse online. So, when you signed up for your current cable TV or Internet package, you likely went with the cheapest option. That’s why cable companies offer special discounts and deals: to attract your business and your money.

Even though you’ve been a cable subscriber for some time, you still need to compare prices. You should still shop around and make sure you’re not overpaying.

Cable Companies Don’t Expect You to Compare Prices

For months – maybe even years – you’ve been paying your cable and Internet bill without noticing the added fees and sneaky price increases added on top of your monthly rate. From equipment fees to local network fees to “free” channels that aren’t free, USA Today reports that customers are paying as much as 2.5 times more than they were initially quoted.1

But you don’t have to keep paying the high costs of cable TV if you compare prices and shop around. Cable and Internet companies will give you a deal. You just have to demand to pay less.

Cable companies are constantly offering special deals, discounts, and low-priced packages. Most are advertised as introductory offers for new customers. Yet if you do your research and know about these cheap, available rates, many companies will give them to current customers too.

For example, according to, DISH is currently offering an amazing family package for only $79.99 a month. This package includes over 240 channels, watch-on-the-go capabilities with DISH Anywhere, and free installation in up to six rooms. If you’re more into sports, DIRECTV’s ultimate all included package is just $60 per month and includes NFL Sunday Ticket and Genie HD DVR, so you’ll never miss a game.2

The key is knowing that you need to search for these lower prices. The best deals can’t always be found in direct mail ads or through TV commercials. Sometimes, you need to search online, speak with different companies, and consider less common options. Most people see the big-box cable company ads and assume those are the only options.

The truth is that there could be other companies that offer better deals in order to compete with large Internet companies. Out of hundreds of offers available, there might only be a few that offer incredible discounts at certain times. These offers are there and smart consumers could be using these offers to significantly lower their cable bill.

Where to Look

Each area has its own local cable and Internet companies, so it’s beneficial to do a little research. If you’re looking to save, you need to know what these companies are offering – special deals, seasonal offers, limited-time rates. Learn what others in your city are paying for their cable so you know exactly how low cable providers will go on a price. Then you can demand that same deal.


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