Fully Funded Doctoral Programs to Apply For

While education is fulfilling, it’s also really expensive. In fact, CNBC reports that millions of Americans currently owe over $1.7 trillion in student debt.¹ Due to the cost of schooling, it makes sense why students might be hesitant to further their education in doctoral programs. But what if you didn’t have to pay for your doctoral program? This is possible by applying to fully funded PhD programs. To find out what that means, start an online search.

Depending on your choice of program, you could pursue a PhD without paying thousands of dollars. Search online to discover fully funded doctoral programs now.

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If you’re interested in getting your PhD, here’s what you should know about fully funded programs.

What Are Fully Funded Doctoral Programs?

The average tuition for a PhD can range from $28,000 to $40,000 per year.² These costs will depend on several factors, such as the program, university, and whether students have any scholarships or grants. But if you’re enrolled in a fully funded doctoral program, you don’t have to pay a thing.

Fully funded doctoral programs allow students to pursue their PhD without paying for tuition.³ You can even get additional funding for living costs and other expenses. Aside from not having to pay for your education, there are many benefits to enrolling in a fully funded program.

It gives students the freedom to focus entirely on their education without having to take out many loans. Students wouldn’t have to work extra jobs in order to pay for schooling, which means all attention can stay on becoming a well educated professional in your field.

Top Programs You Should Know

Whether you’re pursuing business, STEM, healthcare, or another form of education, there are options when it comes to choosing a PhD program. Many schools offer fully funded programs that give you the knowledge you need to succeed post-grad.

Here are some of the top programs in the U.S. you could attend fully funded.

University of Southern California

Prepare yourself for the world of business by enrolling in a doctorate program at the University of Southern California. Anyone who applies to the Marshall School of Business is automatically considered for the full tuition fellowship and monthly stipend.⁴

Some students may also receive financial support after the five year maximum period, depending on the circumstance. All positions at this school involve working with faculty in high-tech research positions. There are various concentrations to consider at this school, including:

  • Accounting;
  • Finance;
  • Data Sciences and Operations;
  • Management and Organization, and;
  • Marketing.

Harvard University

One stand-out school that offers a fully funded PhD program is Harvard University.⁵ Specifically, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Students can earn their doctorate in biological sciences with a focus in disease prevention and treatment.

This fully funded program includes a stipend, tuition, and health insurance. As long as students maintain good academic progress, they can enjoy a fully funded Harvard education. This program currently provides research opportunities with diseases, such as malaria, cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease.

University of Pennsylvania

If you’re a business student, look at the programs offered from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. They offer a yearly fellowship of $39,370 that helps cover tuition, health insurance, and a monthly living stipend.

Students attending full-time will take part in two years of classroom learning, then three years of research-based experiences and projects.

The PhD concentrations offered at The Wharton School are:

  • Accounting;
  • Applied Economics;
  • Ethics and Legal Studies;
  • Finance;
  • Health Care Management and Economics;
  • Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Operations, Information, and Decisions, and;
  • Statistics.

Columbia University

Those looking to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology should consider Columbia University. On top of fully funded tuition, students attending the Teachers College can also receive a $25,000 annual stipend.⁶

Doctoral fellows have the option to work as a graduate teaching or research assistant. It’s typically a five to seven year program that prepares students to work in places like:

  • Academia;
  • Research institutes;
  • Hospitals, and;
  • Community agencies.

Search Online to Find More Doctoral Programs

Pursuing your PhD doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many universities that offer fully funded doctoral programs, so you can focus entirely on your schoolwork rather than worrying about how you’ll pay for it.

Search online to see how to qualify for enrollment in these programs. You can discover the many campuses, concentrations, and opportunities a PhD will give you after graduation. Compare the curriculum from various schools to find the one that will best serve you in education and future career prospects.