The Best Jobs for Seniors That Can Hire You Quickly

If you’re a senior looking to make some extra money, there are many different types of jobs to choose from. You could work part-time hours, earn decent wages, and perform duties that are not too strenuous on the body. Certain jobs are in need of employees more than others, which means you could get hired quicker and start making money sooner. Search online to find out what senior-friendly jobs are looking for applicants.

You can apply to jobs that cater to both your skill level and your interests. To start the application process, get your resume ready and search online for open positions, such as for the following jobs.

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Security Guard

Security guards are hired at many different places, such as hospitals, local government buildings, and elementary or high schools. It’s their job to patrol the workplace to deter crime or catch rule breakers in the act. They also monitor video surveillance systems and write reports of what they observe while on duty.

If things get out of hand or something unusual happens, it’s their job to contact emergency services. Security guards can receive on-the-job training and typically require a high school diploma to apply. Since many buildings are open 24/7, security guards have a wide range of hours to choose from.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median estimate for hourly wages is $14.93.¹ That value could earn you an annual wage of $31,050. The job outlook is also pretty good. The overall employment in this sector is expected to grow by three percent, which is the average rate for all occupations.²

Delivery Driver

Whether you want to deliver food, mail, or packages, there is major demand for delivery drivers right now. The BLS expects this field to grow by five percent between now and 2029, which is higher than the average.³

This job requires you to pick up and drop off items to customers. The items can range depending on the company you apply for. It’s more physically demanding than other jobs as it requires lots of driving and lifting, so make sure to consider that before you apply.

A delivery job that could be more comfortable is by applying to deliver food for apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, or Instacart. It’s also something that allows you to choose your own hours and use your own vehicle.

School Bus Driver

Break up your day by driving kids to and from school as a bus driver. These workers typically only work when schools are in session, which means you can obtain part-time hours and regular time off for weekends and holidays.

To become a driver, you’ll need a high school diploma and commercial driver’s licence. Some people may be able to obtain this through on-the-job training. Drivers must also go through a background check and meet certain vision, hearing, and physical requirements.

Being a bus driver provides you with a comfortable living. The BLS says its median annual wage was $32,420 in 2018. The job prospects are also positive because many drivers are expected to leave this occupation.⁴

Administrative Assistant

If you’re organized and a good communicator, then you could be an administrative assistant. This job means you won’t have to endure a lot of physical duties. You’ll spend the days answering phones, responding to emails, and being the go-to person for various clerical tasks in the office.

The good news is this type of position is needed just about everywhere. You could be hired at a school, hospital, government office, legal teams, and much more. It’s typically an entry-level position, so you will need to be able to perform basic tasks on the computer.

Some companies may require part-time or full-time help. For full-timers, the BLS says you could earn an annual median salary of $40,990 or $19.71 per hour.⁵ You could work in an office or work from home if you’re savvy enough to navigate phones and computers remotely.

Search Online to Find Current Job Openings

There are flexible and in-demand jobs seniors can apply to right now. Depending on the job, you could get hired and trained quicker than other fields. Many positions only require a high school diploma and transferable skills you already have.

You could earn money on a part-time or full-time basis with little to no training. Make sure to look at the job requirements to ensure it’s something you’re comfortable doing for entire shifts, especially if it’s a more physical job. Search online now to find open positions that you’re interested in.