5 Free Apps that Can Turn Your Android Device into a Night Light

Stop fumbling in the dark when you wake up in the middle of the night. Your Android phone or tablet can serve as a "smart" bedside lamp. With the right app, you can have your mobile device function as a trusty night light that can be turned on and off at will by sound or movement. Here are five apps that you can download for free from the Google Play store. They all lend extra functionality to your Android handset by making it double as a night light.


Night Lamp Auto

The Night Lamp Auto app uses your camera flash as a lighting source. It automatically switches the flash off after 30 seconds. To use, simply adjust the app's sensitivity to sound or motion levels. Just take note that taking advantage of the app's motion detection functionality consumes battery life fast and that leaving the flash on for so long damages your phone or tablet.



Like Night Lamp Auto, NightLamp is another excellent app if you need a handy light source on your bedside table. To control the app, you can use verbal commands (your mobile device needs to be connected to the internet if you want to enable voice recognition) or simply tap the screen. This mobile app is also sensitive to ambient light, so it turns on and off intelligently as needed. NightLamp is a huge battery drain, so it is best if your Android smartphone or tablet is connected to the charger when you leave the app running all night long.

Nightlight Lite

Activate or deactivate this free app either by using your voice or by clapping. Install the Nightlight Lite app on your Android device to use it as a bedside lamp that you can operate hands free. In the free version of the app, a soothing white glow is emitted by the touchscreen. Upgrading to the paid version of Nightlight gives you many different color options.


Light Night

The Light Night app, which doesn't come with any frills such as sound or motion sensitivity, can be used as a digital flashlight or a night light tool depending on your chosen brightness level. It is a simple yet highly functional tool that can also display the current time while it's on night light mode.


Night Light Pro

Like Light Night, the free Night Light Pro app is a simple and effective digital tool for your Android handset. Select a color for the screen and set your desired brightness level. If you want the time to be displayed on the screen interface, then enable the clock as well. The app can also double as an alarm clock.